Submit Time Punch


This API allows to submit a punch-in/punch-out request for an employee, with optional latitude/longitudes to geo-tag the punch. This can be used to integrate with third party solutions where employees are already logging in and the same login/logout event is linked to Runtime HRMS punch-in/punch-out.


Send your API key in Authorization header without any prefix.


The request endpoint is: https://<data-center>

Request Method

This is a POST request that accepts JSON payload. Set Content-Type header to application/json


The request should contain JSON payload in the following format:

  "employee_code" : "EMP001",
  "date_time": "2023-01-05 09:15:15",
  "latitude": 75.251245,
  "longitude": 25.125445,
  "comments": "additional comments up-to 500 characters"


The response shall be either of following two:

200 – OK
400 – Bad Request

Sample 200 – OK response body (JSON)

  "success": true,
  "message": "OK"

Sample 400 – Bad Request body (TEXT)

"employee_code" is required but missing