Biometric Code Mapping


To integration attendance sync from a biometric device, map your employees’ biometric codes in Runtime HRMS.

To map the biometric codes go to the Attendance > Biometric codes. Click on the Load button to view the employees’ list to set their biometric codes. You can also filter employees’ lists by location.

This image shows the first step to set biometric code in hrms.

Map Biometric Codes

When you click on the ‘Load’ button a list of employees will open where you can enter the biometric code for every employee. See sample below.

This image shows the list of employees to set biometric codes.

Note: There is no save button on this page. As soon as you enter the biometric code and move to next item, the same will be saved automatically.

Verify Entries

Click ‘Load’ again to verify if your entries are successfully saved.

This is how you can set biometric codes.

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