Travel Punch Attendance


Travel Punch Attendance allows employees to mark attendance along-with the travel punch, removing the need to submit travel punch and attendance separately.

What is a Travel Punch?

Travel punch is used for employees in-field to capture visits to clients and sites with location, comments and attachments. We’ve explained all about Travel Punch in this post.

Travel Punch Attendance

Using Travel Punch, employees can submit attendance punch also, eliminating the need to submit two separate punches. By default, Travel Punch attendance is disabled on employee profile and you need to enable it at employee level. To do so, go to employee options and Turn ON ‘Travel Punch Attendance’ as shown below:

Enabling Travel Punch Attendance in Employee Options

How does it work?

Travel Punch Attendance works in the same way as any other punch like Remote Punch or Biometric Sync. Here are the general guidelines to follow:

  1. There should be a minimum of 2 minute difference between punches.
  2. First punch is Punch-In and second punch is Punch-Out. Similarly, third punch is again Punch-In and so on.
  3. If an employee is only using Travel punch, he/she must submit a punch at the beginning of the day and another at the end of the day to calculate attendance.

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