Manual Updates


The manual Updates feature lets you download the manually updated attendance data report. Manual Updates report is helpful in such cases where attendance is not marked through any devices but follows the old school method of maintaining attendance in excel. This is how the excel sheet can be directly imported to Runtime HRMS to update the attendance of employees. As an Admin/HR manager, you can download this report to view the manually updated employee attendance data.

To download the Manual Updates report go to the Reports > Attendance Reports > Manual Updates.

Manual Updates Report

Generating Manual Updates Report

Select a specific period you want to download the report for. To filter the report by location or department, select the respective value otherwise leave the default selections. You can download this report in Excel format as well as PDF. Simply select an option from excel and PDF, to download the Manual Updates report.

To download the report for a specific employee select the employee by searching his name or code. This is how a report will be downloaded in excel format when you select the ‘Excel’ option.

Generating Manually updates attendance data report

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