Employee Self Onboarding


The entire motivation behind the Runtime self onboarding process system is to assist with starting an employee’s journey in your association. While onboarding, your employees ought to be given all the data that is required by the organization.

In this feature of Runtime HRMS, a digital Self Onboarding form is generated through the software and sent to a new employee. Hence this is useful in reducing manual work.

Generate a Self-Onboarding Form

To start the Self-Onboarding process, go to, Employees > Add Employee > Self-Onboarding. On the following screen, go to the ‘START’ button as shown below :

This image shows the start point of Employee Self-Onboarding.

Self-Onboarding Form

After clicking on the start bottom, a form will appear where you need to fill employee details like First name, Date of joining, Department, Location, etc. Fill in the name and other details of a new employee to send it to this new candidate. To send the Self-Onboarding form, two channels have been given as below,

The first one is to send ‘By E-Mail’ and The second one is to send ‘By SMS’.

There is also an option available to Set the Link expiry date (link will become invalid after this date) of the form. Select a channel to send the form or you can select both (SMS & E-Mail). In the final step click on the ‘Generate’ button as follows:

This image shows how to generate Employee Self-Onboarding Form.

Self-Onboarding Form Sent

A Self-Onboarding form will be created and sent to the new employee.

This image show that self-onboarding form has successfully created and sent to the employee.