Export Employee Records


Export Employee feature lets you download your employee records in excel. You can download all or selected employees using filtering by location, department and more.

To Export Employee Records go to, Employee > Export Records.

Employee Export Page

Select filters for location, cost center or department. If you want to download all records, leave ‘All’ selected in the filters. Click ‘Download only Active Records’ if you wish to exclude inactive records. Click on the ‘Download’ and an excel file will be downloaded.

Employee Records File

Here is a snapshot of how employee export file looks like:

Re-uploading Updated Records

The file downloaded from “Export Employees” feature is in the same format as used for Importing Employees.

You can make changes in the downloaded file like updating employee address, phone number etc. Make sure you do not delete any columns and top 3 rows. You can then re-upload the file to update all the records in one go. To re-upload the file you simply need to go to, Employees > Import Records. Know more about Importing Employees.

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