Initiate Employee Exit


An employee exit management system in runtime HRMS is the best possible method of making certain that the termination procedure is accurately done.

Employee Selection

To initiate employee exit, go to Employees > Initiate Exit > Search Employee. Select an employee by using the search employee option available at the top right. To filter employees from a particular location or department, select the relevant values in dropdown boxes at the top left row.

This image shows selection of employee to initiate exit.

Mark Employee Exit

After searching employee by using the name, all the details required for employee exit will appear like Date of Joining, Department, Designation, notice period, etc. Select the last working date and the reason of exit. And for the final step click on the Mark Employee Exit.

This image shows how to Mark employee exit.

Employee Exit Report

Use Employee Exit Report to keep track of all the employees that have been terminated or left your organization for some reason. This report can help you to analyze the most common reason of employees for leaving your company.

This image shows employee exit report.