View All Employees


This page let’s you view the list of all employee records created in Runtime HRMS. You can search and filter records by location, cost center, or department.

To view, the list of all employees go to the Employees > All Employees. Here’s how the ‘All Employees’ page looks like:

View All Employees in Runtime HRMS
View All Employees in Runtime HRMS

Inactive Employees

By selecting the ‘Inactive’ option and clicking on the ‘Load’ button you can view the list of those employees who are set as Inactive. These records exist for historical data maintenance, but are ignored when processing payroll for a month.

List of Inactive Employees
List of Inactive Employees

Downloading Employee Statement

There is also an option given to download the statement of a specific employee. You can download the employee record by clicking on ‘Download Statement’.

Options Menu for Employee Record
Options Menu for Employee Record

This is how the downloaded employee statement will appear.

Employee Statement Export (PDF)

The same context menu also gives an option to ‘Deactivate’ employee record. If the concerned employee has left the organization, and you do not want to include their data in upcoming reports, you can deactivate the same.

Deleting Employee Record

Once you have deactivated an employee record, you will see another option in the same context menu – to Delete employee record. If you choose to delete, the system will ask you for a confirmation before proceeding. If you click “Yes” in the confirmation dialog, the employee record will be deleted. This also deletes all historical data related to the employee like Attendance, Salary, Payroll, Work Profile, etc. Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered. So be careful when deleting employee records.

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