Missed Punch Request


View, Approve or Reject Missed Punch requests from Runtime HRMS admin panel.

What is a Missed Punch?

Usually attendance is marked in Runtime HRMS using Biometric punch, Gatekeeper scan or Remote Punch using Workman. All these methods capture attendance in realtime, i.e., at the time of scan or punch. However, there can be cases where employee is unable to mark attendance on time for e.g. if they forgot to submit a Remote punch on time. In such cases, employees can submit a Missed Punch request for a past date/time. This request can be submitted using Workman or Runtime Connect Portal. The request thus submitted will go to the approving authority who can then approve or reject it.

As an HR Manager or Administrator, you can view all missed punch requests under on Runtime admin portal under Requests > Missed Punches.

Missed Punch Requests
Missed Punch Requests

Searching a Request

To find a particular request, you can search by Employee Code or Request Id. Click on the status to filter the requests by open requests and closed requests. You also have the option to select how many requests should be displayed on one page using the Page Size option at top right of the page.

Missed Punch Request Search Options
Missed Punch Request Search Options

To download the displayed requests in an excel file, click on the Download button.

Approve or Reject

To take action on any request, click on … button at end of the row and choose from Approve or Reject (see below screenshot).

Missed Punch Approve/Reject Options
Missed Punch Approve/Reject Options

When to Use?

Usually, the requests should be approved or rejected by the assigned authority. This option is provided to HR Managers and Administrators to override the line of command and act in case the approving authority is not available due to some reason.

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