Permissions on Workman


Workman requires location and camera permissions to mark attendance. In case you are unable to mark attendance due to permission issues, please follow the steps in this article to resolve the issue.

When Workman is launched for the first time, it asks for location and camera permissions. In case the user denies the permissions and instructs the mobile OS (Android or iOS) to not ask again, the permissions are permanently denied. Without camera and location permissions, Workman cannot mark attendance using Gatekeeper scan or using Remote Punch.

To grant permissions manually, follow these steps:

Open Settings and tap on ‘Apps’

From list of apps, select ‘Workman’

Tap on ‘Permissions’

There are two sections on this page – Allowed and Denied. See if ‘Location’, ‘Camera’ or ‘Storage’ is in the ‘Denied’ list.

Tap on Denied permission and select ‘Allow only when using the app

Repeat the above step for all permissions. Return to permissions page and it should look as shown below. There should be no entries in ‘Denied’ section.

That’s it. Workman should operate normally after you have taken the above steps.