Biometric Integration


Runtime HRMS provides multiple methods to integrate your biometric machine for importing attendance.

In case you are planning to buy a new Attendance Machine, we highly recommend you to consider using Runtime Gatekeeper instead. It is a simple mobile app which can convert any android phone into an attendance machine and comes free with Runtime HRMS. Click here know more about Runtime Gatekeeper.

Runtime HRMS provides two methods to integrate your existing attendance machine/biometric device.

  1. Offline Sync using Runtime Attendance Sync utility
  2. Online Sync over Static IP

Offline Sync using Runtime Attendance Sync utility

Using this option, all you need to do is install our Attendance Sync Utility on your computer.
This utility keeps running in the background and attendance is synced periodically from your local database to Runtime HRMS server.

It supports following types of databases:

  1. MS Access
  2. MS SQL Server

Here are step by step instructions to setup and configure the utility:

Create a Sync Device in Runtime HRMS

Login to Runtime HRMS and go to Setup > Time > Sync Devices:

Sync Device Setup option in Runtime HRMS

Click on ‘Add Device’ button at top right and enter a friendly name into the dialog.

Add sync device dialog in Runtime HRMS
List of Sync Devices added

After the device is added, click on ‘Key’ icon to view device key. You will need this key to activate Sync Utility in next steps.

Sync Utility Key to activate installation
Installing and activating Attendance Sync Utility

Download latest setup of Attendance Sync Utility from this link.
Install on the computer where your attendance data is saved from biometric device.

Upon first launch, you will see this login dialog:

Attendance Sync Utility Login Dialog

Enter your administrator email or mobile and your password along-with the Device Key noted in previous step. Click on Login. You will then see the below application window:

Runtime Attendance Sync Utility Main Window

Click on Settings to configure your attendance machine database for syncing.

Select the relevant tab based on your database type from ‘MS Access’ or ‘MS SQL Server’

MS Access Settings
MS SQL Settings

After entering the relevant details, click on ‘Connect’ to check if the connection is successful.
Once successfully connected, the system will start syncing data automatically in batches.

Online Sync over Static IP

If your attendance machine uses MS SQL Server as database and you have an Static IP assigned to your server, you can simply configure your database details in Runtime HRMS to auto-sync attendance.

To do this, go to Setup > Time > Biometric

Biometric settings page

Click on ‘Add Device’ button at top right to open a dialog as shown below:

Static IP Sync Settings

Enter your server information and click on ‘Save’.

After saving, you can check connection by clicking on ‘Connect’ icon from the list. If connection is successful, the system will automatically start syncing your attendance from your local server to Runtime HRMS Server.

If you have more questions on this topic, feel free to contact us.