Salary Deductions Report


What is the Salary Deduction report?

The salary deduction report shows all deduction components that have to be deducted from employees’ salaries for a particular month such as ESI professional tax, income tax, etc. The Salary deduction feature of Runtime allows you to view and download this report.

To view and download the Salary deduction report go to the Reports > Salary Reports >Salary Deduction

Salary deduction report in Runtime hrms.

View the Salary Deduction report

To view the salary deduction report for a specific deduction component, select any particular month and the component of deduction by clicking on the ‘Select’ option. Then click on the View button to proceed. There is also an option available to filter the employee list by location, department, and salary component.

View the salary deduction report

Downloaded Salary deduction report

You also have the option to download this report in excel format. Click on the ‘Export’ button to download the report in excel format. This is how the salary deduction report for the specific deduction component will be downloaded in excel format with employee code, employee name, department, etc.

Downloaded salary deduction report

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