Project Management

Manage Projects
Teams & Tasks

Runtime HRMS includes full-fledged project management features to manage internal and external projects with timesheets.
Proudly Managing 2,000+ Projects

How Project Management Works?

Here is a glimpse of what Project Management offers
Create Projects & Tasks
Start by creating a project and tasks with start and end dates.
Assign Team Members
Add one or more members to the Project from existing employee records.
Track Progress
Team members create timesheet entries to record time spent on each task.

Variety of Projects

Runtime HRMS’s simplified project management is capable of handling different types of projects.
Time Bound Projects
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Projects with Multiple Members
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Task Oriented Projects
Simplifying Projects

Runtime HRMS brings Best Tools to Manage Projects

Runtime HRMS is a unique solution that goes beyond Payroll and Human Resource Management and brings you state-of-the-art Project Management features.
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Alert project members on important changes

Mobile & Web

Members can access all features on mobile and web


Ad-hoc member updates with attachments


Record time spent on each task throughout the project

Project Report

Download project report at any time for full overview

Project Managers

Assign one or more managers to oversee projects

Project Examples

Although there is no limit on the type of projects you can manage with Runtime HRMS. Here, we have listed some common projects used by our clients on day-to-day basis.
If you are carrying out an internal process improvement project based on lean or six-sigma, you can easily use Runtime HRMS Project management to track project progress.
If you have client projects where people need to visit on-site and carry out tasks on daily basis, create a client project and assign team members involved. Team members can then capture daily project progress via timesheets and attachments.
For marketing projects with defined tasks and responsibilities, Runtime HRMS Project management can help you track each task by identifying progress and amount of work done.