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6 Insane Obstacles of HR Professionals

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Published on: Sep 05, 2020

Human resource management is the soul of the company. It includes recruitment, motivation, leadership, research, training, and talent management.

Human resource management is the soul of the company. It includes recruitment, motivation, leadership, research, training, and talent management.

HR of small businesses and startup firms have to face the challenge of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking includes recruitment, onboarding, employee compensation, payroll, employees’ wellbeing and much more.

Though HRM lit a midnight oil to help the company in attaining its goals but one can’t ignore the challenges that come in their path.

Here, we will discuss those challenges in detail.

 1. Evaluating real talent

It is the most important task of an HRM to find the right talent for their company.

Recruiting a talented employee is as crucial as adding the right ingredient to a recipe.

They should scrutinize every minute detail of employee which includes academics, achievements, skills & attitude.

 2. Providing sustainable workplace

One can give the best in work when he/she feels composed. Ideas and abilities also depend on the work culture.

People give their best in a sound atmosphere where everyone has the same goal. Gossipmongers, backbiting and lazy people should be identified and corrective action plan should be taken to keep the work environment healthy.

3. Maintaining transparency at Work

Trust between HR and employee ensures long term success for both people and organization.

HR should develop an unbiased attitude towards their team. They should share the information like projects, company’s motive and how the employees will be benefitted along with the company’s growth.

Maintaining transparency at Work

4. Retaining the employees

With the change in time, employee’s ambitions have also been changed. Every employee wants to obtain a high pay scale, higher grade and/or designation. Working in the same company for long-duration further increases their expectations. Hence, it intensifies the risk of talented employee leaving the company and looking for better alternatives.

 5. Fuelling New ideas

Every time following the same protocol of the company can’t generate high turnover. HR should accumulate innovative ideas given by employees.

Humans have a tendency to get bored and feel demotivated. In that case, it is the responsibility of HR to rebuild their motivation. Once people get appreciated for innovation, they feel honored and others in their teams will also try to perform better.

 6. Effective Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

An employee is a human first and every individual have their own set of issues. Anxiety, depression, and stress are the impediments that distort an individual’s power. HR should be a good listener who not only listen to his/her employee’s problems but also pacify their interest.

Above are the few challenges that are faced by an HRM. A company with long term goals should have excellent HR team which, in turn, will be able to build a passionate and dedicated team to take the business to next level.

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Celia, Virtual Assistant

Celia, Virtual Assistant

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