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Cloud Attendance

Geo-tagged & Geo-fenced cloud attendance with real-time updates. Automatic calculation of late coming, early going, and overtime.

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Attendance Management with Runtime HRMS
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Multi-Device Attendance

Attendance from multiple sources

  • 1

    Mobile & Web Check In

    Our mobile and web apps allow employees to check in and check out with geo-tagging and/or geo-fencing for a robust attendance tracking.

  • 2

    Location based QR

    Generate location based QR for your office or factory. Employees can scan the QR from designated location only to check in/out.

  • 3

    WhatsApp Attendance

    Allow employees to punch in and out using WhatsApp. Our A.I. powered virtual assistant understands employee commands in natural langugage.

  • 4

    Biometric Sync

    Already using a biometric device? We'll setup an automatic sync from your biometric database to our cloud attendance.

* 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Make it Yours

Flexible Time Adjustment Rules

Any Rule Imaginable

  • Late Coming Rules
  • Early Going Rules
  • Repeated Late Rules
  • Cumulative Time Rules
  • Unplanned Leave Deductions
  • Strike Rules
  • Overtime Calculation Rules
  • Sandwich Leave Rules
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"I found the software very user friendly and it was very easy to use. It saved lot of time that I used to spend in preparing manual reports."
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Leave Automation and Management in Runtime HRMS

Leave Automation

Create rules to auto-grant and auto-lapse leaves. Manage multiple leave types like CL, PL, ML with different rules.

Leave application and approval using mobile and web app to reduce HR workload.

Submit Leave Requests

Approve/Reject Requests

Track Leave Balance & Activity

Holidays & Weekly Offs

Publish Holiday list on mobile and web apps for employees to avoid queries and confusion on holidays. Option to publish separate Holiday list for separate locations.

Flexible options to define Weekly Offs for same day every week, alternate days or specific days (e.g. 2nd & 4th Saturday).

Location based Holiday List

Week Off Policies & Roster

Sandwich Rules

Holiday and Week Off management in Runtime HRMS

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Overtime Calculation using Runtime HRMS

Overtime Calculation

Rules to automatically calculate overtime based on hours worked, late going, early coming and working on Holidays and Weekly Offs.

Customize to suit your needs.

Enable or Disable Overtime by Employee

Separate Rules for each Work Shift

Include or Exclude Overtime from Salary

Shift Roster

Manage employee shift roster to allocated different shifts for different dates of a month. Employees can also request for a shift change using mobile or web apps.

Sift roster automatically adjusts work time, overtime, early/late coming rules and more.

Weekly or Daily Roster

Bulk Update Available

Import from Excel

Shift Roster in Runtime HRMS

Robust Attendance Management Features

Remote Punch

Ideal for work-from-home or field executives to submit geo-tagged punches from anywhere.

Missed Punch

Attendance regularization requests in case someone forgets to punch on time.

Travel Punch

Track client visits with geo-tagging and auto-calculation of distance travelled.

Web Punch

Web Punch from Employee Self-Service Portal for cases where you do not want geo-fencing.

Biometric Sync

Sync attendance from your existing biometric machines (Supported devices only).

QR Punch

Unique QR for each office location with in-built geo-fencing.

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