Employee Management

Create a Paperless Office

Store employee information and documents online with anytime anywhere access. Go paperless with Runtime HRMS's employee management.

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Employee Management with Runtime HRMS

Store detailed employee information categorized in logical heads

Employee Management with Runtime HRMS

No more searching for files

As your workforce grows, it becomes difficult to manage employee information and documents.

We understand this need and that's why created a system to store complete employee information online, and made it easier to find the required details quickly when needed.

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Store and find employee information quickly using categories

Basic Details

Store employee details like name, date of birth, date of joining, phone etc.


Save employees' present and permanent address details.

Personal Info

Personal info contains bank details, statutory information, and up-to 10 customizable fields

Family Members

Add details of family members like father, mother, spouse, children and more.

Work Profile

Define employee's designation, department, working shift and weekly off policy.

Salary History

Store historic details of employee's salary, increments, and track changes.

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