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A guide for employee recognition at workplace

Employee recognition is an effective tool that helps in building a creative workplace. Follow these simple steps to boost employee morale.

Celia, Virtual Assistant
Celia, Virtual Assistant
Oct 13, 2020

A guide for employee recognition at workplace


Employee recognition is an effective tool that helps in building a creative workplace. Follow these simple steps to boost employee morale.

A small letter saying, ‘Thank you’ or ’You did it’ can change the whole outlook for the employee in an organization.

Children require attention from their parents, students from their teachers and adults from their life partners. Similarly, employees need attention from their managers, team leaders, and management in general, for the work they are doing. Reward or recognition ensures that management is paying due attention to the good work.

There is a thin line between a Reward and Recognition. A Reward is something given in the form of organized gifts, perks, promotions, pay raise etc. Whereas, Recognition means appreciating employee for a job well done by means of a thank you note, appreciation mail, clapping at workplace etc.

Employee Recognition:

“Brains like hearts, go where they are appreciated” – Robert McNamara

A person is hungrier for appreciation and love than a loaf of bread. 43% of employees quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation. Though it sounds easy, it requires full attention of the manager. The direct impact is visible on the mutual trust of the employee & employer.

The direct impact is visible on the mutual trust of the employee & employer

Ways to show genuine appreciation:

  1. Everyday motivation: Everyday motivation is as crucial as positive affirmations. Managers and Team Leaders should maintain positive an fun-filled environment at work. Small mistakes should be handled carefully by treating them as learning opportunities. Many times a small gesture makes a whole difference. Shaking hands, a smile on face and a comfy hand on their back are things that can do wonders.
  2. Letter of thanks: Words travel faster in heart than voice. As we know, words have tremendous power to heal or to destroy. Though writing a letter is an old tradition but never forget, “Old is Gold”. Sending an email, thank you letter could change the employee’s perspective in a good way.
  3. Formal appreciation: Some occasions call for a formal appreciation. Sometimes a few words of appreciation are not sufficient to convey the true worth. In such cases, a formal recognition by way of incentives, perks, certificate of appreciation, bonus etc. is required and go a long way in driving healthy competition among team members.
  4. Celebration time: Team leads and managers should find ways to celebrate every small success that the team achieves. Socializing in a get together, dinner parties, pot lunches etc. are a great way to boost employee satisfaction from their job and strengthens their commitment for the company. A right method has to be chosen on the right occasion. Spending quality time, giving a break from work and praising people opens the gateway to keep everybody happy.
  5. Employee appreciation week: To increase the confidence level of the employee, management should think out of the box. A creative employee appreciation week motivates them to do better every day. It arouses excitement to dedicate long working hours in a task. Hanging a photo on the board, writing a personal note never go offbeat. Every time it’s not possible to send an email, give gift vouchers or plan a small trip.
  6. Jar of thoughts: Every idea has a value. Team leaders should welcome ideas from every team member. A formal idea collection platform like a Jar or thoughts, an idea board, or suggestion box is helpful in collecting valuable information from team members. Creativity is connecting things, people, ideas in one place. Collecting ideas is not the end of road. There should be a process in place to work on such ideas give due credit to relevant team members.
  7. Refreshment breaks: The mind runs faster after a small break. Every time thinking about a task brings boredom to the workplace. There are a lot of things to learn from others. Healthy conversation among employees lessen stress level and bring happiness on their face. Conflicts, grudges and personal misunderstanding are solved during refreshing hours.


Employee recognition is an effective tool that helps in building a creative workplace. Some efforts are not enough when we talk about motivating employees.  There is always much more to offer. But, we should not forget that appreciation comes from the heart. Genuine praise for the employee brings a smile on their face that stays for the whole day…

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Celia, Virtual Assistant

Celia, Virtual Assistant

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