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The XL Academy Finds New HR Equation with Runtime HRMS

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Published on: Jun 06, 2024

Organizations like The XL Academy and over 300 others have experienced smoother operations, better compliance, and improved strategic decision-making with Runtime HRMS.

Industry: EdTech  

Location: Delhi, India 

SIZE: 50+ Employees    

Web: The XL Academy | About Us |

LinkedIn: The XL Academy: About | LinkedIn 


The XL Academy is an Indian EdTech company founded by Girindra Karn in 2012 and headquartered in Dwarka, New Delhi. The XL Academy is a capability building and training solutions organization with deep industry experience and a flair for coaching. They are focused on developing skills in basic & advanced data analytics to emerge as “industry-ready” professionals and enhance their career opportunities. Started in 2012, and since then, each candidate has had an incredibly positive response. Their faculty members have more than 15 years of working experience. The education brand has expanded into 12 course categories and a skilling vertical, with over 7 tech-enabled offline centers across the country. 

Challenges Faced by The XL Academy: 

Before implementing Runtime HRMS, the HR department at The XL Academy encountered several challenges that hampered their efficiency and productivity.  

According to Tanuja, the HR Manager at The XL Academy, her team spent a significant amount of time on manual and repetitive tasks such as monthly tracking employee attendance, managing payroll, and generating reports. She mentioned that they lacked an HRMS system that could automate essential tasks and streamline processes. She also highlighted the lack of access to real-time data and insights into the attendance & leave tracking of employees. Without accurate data, the HR team struggled to make decisions and plan, impacting their ability to optimize HR processes and maximize employee productivity and engagement. 

The Search for a Solution:  

To overcome these challenges, The XL Academy began a search for a modern and comprehensive HR management solution. After searching and evaluation, they discovered Runtime HRMS, a new edge HR management software designed to streamline HR processes on autopilot, starting from employee onboarding, attendance, leaves, payroll, compliances, and all the way up-to employee exit.  

Implementing Runtime HRMS:  

Impressed by the features and benefits of Runtime HRMS, The XL Academy decided to proceed with its implementation. A one-hour implementation process helped them onboard Runtime HRMS from biometric system. Tanuja mentioned that the implementation process was smooth and seamless, thanks to the customer support and guidance provided by the dedicated team at Runtime HRMS.  

Transformative Impact 

Since implementing Runtime HRMS, The XL Academy has experienced a significant transformation in its HR management practices. Following are the major shifts: 

1. Attendance: With the help of Runtime Workman app, employees at The XL Academy use QR based automated Clock In & Out, reducing the time for attendance tracking and payroll management.  

2. Request Approvals: Tanuja mentions it is now easier to send reminders to employees for absent days and Leave approvals to ensure pending requests are approved before payroll processing. One major transformative shift highlighted by her is that 'Runtime Workman' has completely replaced their traditional e-mail system for leave approvals, requests, and rejections too! 

3. Real-time Reports: Runtime HRMS provides The XL Academy with a real-time data dashboard, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. With access to valuable analytics and reports, they track key metrics such as employee attendance, performance, and engagement. 

4. Paperless operations: Digitization across the employee lifecycle practically eliminated the need for physical documentation.  

5. Payroll: It took less than 10 minutes to generate the payroll of 500 employees using Runtime HRMS. Manual efforts are now reduced to 80% after the implementation of Runtime HRMS.  

Runtime HRMS makes the payroll generation, modification, interpretation, and distribution of reports easy and seamless through custom report builder capability.  

Offer to payroll connected modules helps payroll team to process the payroll accurately and efficiently.  

6. Compliant and error-free Tax calculation: Runtime HRMS facilitates proper tax calculations, minimizes deviations and ensures seamless compliance with tax regulations.  

7. Responsive Support: Throughout their journey with Runtime HRMS, The XL Academy has received excellent support and assistance from the Runtime HRMS team. They have been responsive to their needs and proactive in addressing any issues or concerns, ensuring a positive experience for the organization. The three main support resources that help our clients are help documentations, video tutorials, ticket generation system and online support.  

“At the XL Academy, our mission is to deliver excellence in education, and Runtime HRMS has been a valuable partner in helping us achieve that goal. From simplifying HR tasks to promoting a culture of transparency and collaboration, the platform has exceeded our expectations in every way. We now have a robust system in place to sustainably drive the growth we want to achieve. Based on our experience, we highly recommend Runtime HRMS to other educational institutions. It has truly revolutionized our HR operations and empowered our employees. Do not hesitate to make the switch; you will not regret it!” 

Tanjua Bisht - Human Resources Manager – The XL Academy -Tanuja Bisht | LinkedIn


Organizations like The XL Academy and over 300 others have experienced smoother operations, better compliance, and improved strategic decision-making with Runtime HRMS. If you are ready to level up your HR management and unlock new levels of productivity, now is the time to join the growing community of Runtime HRMS users. Get a 7-day free trial! Click here – Runtime HRMS 

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