data security

Data Security

At Runtime HRMS, we take data security very seriously. Our products feature industry-leading security standards to protect your data.

We follow a range of security measures like regular backups, SSL encryption, Cloud Firewall and SHA-2 password hashing that ensures a safe online experience for you.

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Robust Infrastructure

Runtime HRMS runs on highly scalable cloud infrastructure from AWS and Azure. We have multiple servers that handle the app instances by distributing the load on single server.

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Remote Backups

We backup our databases on regular intervals to a remote location. In case of failure of a cloud availability zone, we can quickly restore the services from last backed up files.


Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall sits at the network level which allows or disallows traffic to the actual cloud server. This extra layer of Firewall rejects unauthorized traffic, even before it reaches the server.


SSL Encryption

All traffic between your computer and our servers is encrypted using TLS Security to avoid man-in-the-middle attack.


Hashed Passwords

All user passwords are hashed using SHA-2 hashing algorithm which makes it almost impossible to view/crack your password, even by us!