Flight Risk Assessment

A.I. Model to Identify
Flight Risks

Our in-house developed flight-risk assessment model gives you early signs of employees leaving the organization. Using the possible risk factors, managers can take corrective action to reduce attrition.
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12+ Parameters

Flight risk calculation based on 12+ employee parameters

Auto Calculation

Weekly auto-refresh to keep the scores current

Manual Control

Manually exclude employees from risk calculation


As more data is fed into the system, the model becomes more intelligent over time.

Proprietory Tech

Our Flight Risk Assessment is a proprietary tech developed in-house.

Control Attrition

Managers can take corrective actions to control attrition based on signals.

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What is Flight Risk Assessment?

Having employee data is one thing and drawing meaningful conclusions from it is another.
Our in-house developed A.I. model for flight risk assessment uses the employee data that you already have, and calculates a risk-score of the likelihood of an employee leaving the organization in near future.
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