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A wide range of payroll features makes Runtime HRMS a powerhouse of payroll processing.

Earnings & Deductions

Define custom earning and deductions as per your salary structure.

Loans & Advances

Manage employee advances and loans with automatic EMI deduction.

Time Management

Late coming and Early going rules to auto-mark half-day or absent.
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Employee Self-Service Mobile Apps

30+ Functions on the Go

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We have detailed help documents to guide you through every step.

The Best Payroll Software in India

Employee Self-Service

Mobile and Web portal for employees with 30+ self-service features.


In-built Compliance with ESI, PF, Professional Tax and Income Tax.

Salary Payouts

Integration with RazorPay for salary credit to employee’s bank accounts.

Comprehensive Payroll Features

Runtime HRMS offers a wide range of payroll tools for an easier and more effective payroll processing every month.
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Check these exclusive features:

Create pre-defined salary structures with amount based or percent based values. When defining salary for a new hire or when processing a salary revision, simply select a salary structure and save.
Maintain history of all salary revisions and promotions of employees at one place. With reports like ‘Increment Ageing’ and ‘Promotion Ageing’, find employees who haven’t got promoted or didn’t get an increment in a certain period of time.
Define leave types like Casual Leave, Personal Leave etc. and set automatic grant/lapse policy. Leaves are automatically granted, lapsed or encashed as per set poilcy with each payroll run.
Using Claims, employees can submit requests for reimbursable expenses and designated managers can approve. After approval, the claim amount is added to requesting employee’s payroll.
Generate salary transfer letter with employee bank details and net payable amount. Upload at your bank’s site for releasing payments.
Bulk upload manual deductions, payments, extra days, units of production and other inputs using excel templates.
Quickly find employees whose salary hasn’t increased in last 12/24/36 months and take actions accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions by our customers and clients related to Runtime HRMS Payroll Software.

Payroll is an integral part of any business. A Payroll Software not just helps you keep record of all sensitive data, it also keep track of attendance, leaves, statutory deductions and more. Read this article by investopedia or this blog post by hrmorning to understand the importance of having an online payroll software.

In today’s world, where technology is changing everything around us, embracing online solutions is not a choice but a mandatory requirement to stay relevant and grow. Like every other aspect of business, it is equally important to take your human resource and payroll management online and reap full advantages of cloud solutions. Traditional methods of managing people and payroll using excel and word files have become obsolete and your business deserves the best that technology has to offer.
We offer employee self-service mobile app (Workman) for all your employees, without any extra charge. Using Workman, your team members can view their attendance, payslip, HR policies and submit various requests like leaves, claims, comp offs. Managers can also approve requests and view team details on mobile. Mobile apps are provided free of charge under all plans. Workman is available on both Android and iOS platforms.
Once you have run the payroll for a month and validated the calculations, you can use ‘Send Payslips’ option to send salary slips to one more employee(s). This only requires one click even if you are sending to hundreds of employees at once. Moreover, you can also add your own business e-mail settings to send payslip emails to your employees.

Yes, we support multi-location and multi-departments along-with multiple designations and work-shifts also. Depending upon your plan, you can add locations, departments etc. under the setup page. See pricing page for limitations of each plan.

We offer flexible options to define late coming and early going rules. These rules allow you to mark half-day or absent in case employees are coming late or going early beyond a certain limit. Moreover, using the Time Based Deductions, the payroll software can auto-calculate penalty for repeated late coming and/or early going instances.
Runtime HRMS supports multiple options to sync attendance from your existing biometric device. Our onboarding team will help you configure your biometric machine’s database to sync with our payroll software attendance database.
Yes, you can add more than one user to access HR Portal where they can manage employee information, attendance, salary and other details. You can also configure differential access rights for each user.
We have a comprehensive documentation where you can find information on each feature of the payroll software. Help is organized in sections for easy navigation and also offers search facility to find the relevant topic quickly. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us here.