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Runtime Workman is an employee self-service app for Runtime HRMS. It has 30+ functions to carry out on mobile and is available on both Google Play and App Store.
Rated 4.2 on Google Play
Runtime Workman - Employee Self Service App
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Runtime Workman - AttendanceCalendar

Why 5,000+ People
Installed Runtime Workman?

Simranjeet Singh

“Easy to use and everything at one place. Customer service so good and friendly. Thanks for such app. Keep updating and keep growing. Best of luck!”

– Mr. Simranjeet Singh
Director, Invision Reality Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Mark Attendance

Mark remote or on-site attendance and view attendance update in real-time.

Submit Requests

Submit Leave, Comp-Off or Claim Request, with just a few taps.

Download Pay Slips

Download pay-slips for current and past months or request on e-mail.

Some Top Features

Runtime Workman comes with cutting-edge features to truly empower employees and save 100s of hours of HR Managers.
Remote Check In/Check Out
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Geofenced Check In/Check Out
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Client Visit & Travel Tracking
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Missed Punch Regularization

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