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Infrastructure Upgrade – Nov’22

Product Announcements
Published on: Nov 22, 2022

We are upgrading Runtime HRMS infrastructure to support the increased usage and demand.

We are upgrading Runtime HRMS infrastructure to support the increased usage and demand. This infrastructure update will be rolled out in phases during NOV-2022. Please go through this post carefully to understand how these changes are going to impact your usage of Runtime HRMS.

Upgrade Summary

  1. This upgrade is effective from Nov 12, 2022
  2. The login URL of Runtime HRMS will change from to
  3. The login URL of Runtime Employee Self-Service portal will change from to
  4. Users of Runtime Workman should upgrade to minimum ver. 6.35 (released on Nov 01, 2022)
  5. NO other action is required from your side
  6. You’ll be redirected to the new URLs automatically once the upgrade is live.

Important: Read this announcement fully to know more about this upgrade and how to solve any issues that may arise.

Why are we doing this upgrade?

Runtime HRMS is built on a cloud infrastructure that auto-scales as per growing demand. As of OCT-2022, we realized that some parts of the application are struggling on peak times in terms of: a) number of simultaneous operations supported and b) response time on simultaneous requests. Thus, we took the decision to perform this infrastructure upgrade to remove performance bottlenecks. This upgrade will ensure fast application response time for current and future users of Runtime HRMS.

How will you be impacted?

As we rollout the this upgrade, it remains our top-most priority to keep your usage unaffected. By introducing a number of measures like URL redirects, mobile app updates, data migration, etc. we’re trying to make sure that the migration happens behind the scenes without you even noticing the change. However, it is still important to go through this article in full so that you understand the basics and can help your team members in case any issue arises. Our support will remain equipped to answer your questions and resolve your queries in the most prompt manner.

What is changing?

There will be multiple changes across our web application (Runtime HRMS Admin Panel), employee self-service portal (Runtime Connect Portal), and mobile apps. The changes are explained in individual sections below.

Runtime HRMS Admin Panel

The current login URL for Runtime HRMS admin panel is:

The new login URL for Runtime HRMS admin panel is:

Currently, the Runtime Admin panel allows you to use the HRMS application and also manage your subscriptions, make payments, user access and more.

After the upgrade, the new URL will be your starting point to login, manage your account, manage your subscriptions, make payments, manage users and user access.

From Nov 12th, 2022, when you open, you will be automatically redirected to:

After logging in, you will see a list of your businesses (same as you saw before upgrade, if you have multiple businesses in your account). See an example below: – List of Businesses

You will have an option to “Login” or “Manage” one of the businesses listed in your account.

Login and Data Centers

Each businesses will have a “Data Center” URL shown below the business name (e.g. This data center URL is where your account and data is hosted. You do NOT need to remember the data center URL. Once you click on ‘Login”, you will be automatically redirected to the assigned data center and Runtime HRMS Admin Panel will show up, just like it worked earlier.

Manage Businesses

Click on ‘Manage’ button to manage your business. This includes following options:

  1. Renew Subscription
  2. Upgrade Subscription
  3. Change Employee Limit
  4. Buy Addons
  5. View/Download Invoices and Make Payments
  6. Change Billing Details (e-mail, mobile and GST number)
  7. Manage Users and User Access
  8. Change Company ID

Company ID: Company ID is a 6-letter unique code for each business. By default the Company ID is system generated and looks like 200001, 200002 etc. You can change company ID from Manage Business page by clicking on ‘Edit’ button as shown in the above illustration. Company ID is required by your employees to login on Workman mobile app and Employee self-service web portal.

Runtime Employee Self-Service Portal

The current URL login for Runtime Self-Service Portal is:

The new URL login URL for Employee Self-Service Portal is:

To login at ESS Portal, currently the users require their registered e-mail address (Official E-Mail field in Runtime HRMS) and a password. On the new portal, users will have to enter one more field, i.e. Company ID, along-with e-mail and password. This Company ID is the same ID that is sent to users for logging on the Workman. You can configure your business’s company ID from Manage Business page as shown in previous section.

All ESS Portal users will soon get an e-mail from Team Runtime <[email protected]> with their Company ID and instructions to login on ESS Portal going forward.

From Nov 12th, 2022, when users open, they will be automatically redirected to:

Runtime Workman Mobile App

Runtime Workman mobile app for Android and iOS will continue to operate normally. Users are not required to make any changes and their current login sessions will continue to work. However, for new users, it is required to install ver. 6.35 or above to be able to login. Apps with versions below 6.35 will not be able to login after Nov 12, 2022.

What to do if you face issues after upgrade?

We have carefully analyzed all situations to keep your experience unaffected. The upgrade should work behind the scenes without you having to do any extra step.

In case you still encounter issues after the upgrade, we advise you to follow below process:

  1. Be patient
  2. Inform our support team at [email protected] about the issue you are facing
  3. Include the error screenshots containing the browser address bar (showing URL)

We’ll keep the upgrade related issues at top priority and will resolve them as soon as possible.

Final Words

With this upgrade, we hope to bring a much faster and responsive experience to you and your employees across web and mobile apps. As with every technology, evolution is never ending, and we will continue to work on bringing better experience for you.

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Celia, Virtual Assistant

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