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A brief about the Hiring Process

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Published on: Dec 29, 2020

Hiring process is a very sensitive and responsible activity for any business. It is the keyhole that gives a sneak-peak into an organization's work culture and values.

Recruitment and selection process is one of the key strategy for human resource management.

Hiring process is a very sensitive and responsible activity for any business. It is the keyhole that gives a sneak-peak into an organisation’s work culture and values. This is not something that should be overlooked by the management.

Here, let’s briefly go through the hiring process:

Searching candidates

The foremost step is searching for the right talent. The various options available to a Human Resource Manager (HRM) or a Hiring Manager are: a) their personal networks, b) social sites, c) job portals and d) employee references. Before starting a search, the job description should be prepared to understand organization's requirements in detail. If a candidate matches with the requirements, then the profile should be shortlisted for screening.

Screening of candidate profile

In the screening process the shortlisted profiles are checked in further details like matching qualifications, skills, and experience against job description. Profiles that clear the screening are further selected for interviews.

Arranging interviews

The interview is an important part of the selection process. An interviewer asks a set of questions that are specially designed to meet the requirements of a particular position. Through the interview, the interviewer tries to match skills of a candidate with the needs of the opening. Interviews can be conducted remotely over phone or web conferencing or they can be done physically on premise. There can be multiple rounds of interviews to assess a candidates’ potential in various aspects, if required for the role.


Once candidates clears all rounds of interview(s), they are usually expected to submit documents to support their educational background, work experience and support any other certifications or claims made by them. Documentation also include personal identification proofs like identity and address proofs.

Background Verification

Background Verification involves reviewing the documents submitted by candidates for their authenticity. In addition to verifying work-experience documents, background verification also involves checking civil record of candidates to uncover any fraud, criminal liability or any other unusual activity in their names.


Onboarding means welcoming a new member in the organization. It is also the responsibility of HR Managers or Hiring Managers to co-ordinate with Operations Managers and prepare for onboarding. It is a good idea to get the required equipment, workstation, stationery etc. ready and prepared when the new members join the organization. This builds trust and respect amongst new members for the business and their managers.


A well structured hiring process is crucial for leaving a positive impact on new members when they join a team. HR Managers, Hiring Managers and Operations Managers are all part of the hiring process and should work in harmony to ensure joining of new members is as smooth as possible.

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