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Agile and Human Resource Management

Agile HR refers to the application of agile principles and methodologies to HR functions and processes.

Priyanka Gulati
Priyanka Gulati
Oct 22, 2023

Agile and Human Resource Management


Agile HR refers to the application of agile principles and methodologies to HR functions and processes. Agile was originally developed for software development but now has evolved into a broader project management and problem-solving approach that emphasizes adaptability, collaboration and customer centricity.

What is Agile?

Agile is a project management and product development approach that prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and customer feedback. This is characterized by iterative and incremental development.

What is SAFe Agile?

SAFe stands for the Scaled Agile Framework used in the field of software development and project management to implement agile practices. It is designed to help deliver complex products and solutions more efficiently and with higher quality. SAFe encompasses many agile concepts such as iterative development, cross functional teams, continuous delivery and customer feedback. It adds additional layers of structures and coordination to make agile practices work effectively in large organizations.

In Human Resource management, Agile is used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes and better respond to the dynamic needs of the workforce. Implementing agile principles in HR can help Human Resource departments to become more adaptive, customer centric and efficient in managing various HR processes.

Here is how agile can be applied in HR:

Agile recruiting

Onboarding and orientation

Performance management

Employee engagement

Learning and development

HR Process Improvement

Diversity and inclusion

Implementing agile in HR may require a cultural shift, training for HR professionals, and use of agile frameworks such as Kanban to manage HR projects and tasks. It also involves close collaboration with other departments to align HR initiatives with the organization's overall goals.

Adapting Agile principles and methodologies to human resources require few steps to adapt the agile approach to HR.

Agile tools

There are various tools available to support agile teams and their development processes. These tools help with project management collaboration tracking work and communication.

These tools offer a range of features to support agile practices and can be tailored to meet specific needs of agile teams and projects. The choice of tool often depends on team size, project complexity, and the preferred agile framework being used.

While agile methodologies offer many advantages they may also come with their own set of disadvantages and challenges. The common disadvantages of agile are:

Disadvantages of Agile can be often could be mitigated or managed effectively with the right practices, tools and organizational support.

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