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International Human Resource Day: Celebrating the backbone of every organization

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Published on: May 23, 2024

On this International HRs Day, let us give recognition and respect to our heroes behind the curtains and do something special for them by lifting their workload with our software.


Human resources (HR) professionals are a crucial part of an organization, and their job plays a significant role in making a company successful because they not only comply with their work but also nurture the employees to foster growth within the company. A workplace consists of employees, their productivity, office culture, employee engagement, and so on. HR professionals get it all done, but the thought of the person who gets it all done never occurs to most of us.  

International Human Resource Day

On this International HRs Day, let us give recognition and respect to our heroes behind the curtains and do something special for them by lifting their workload with our software Runtime HRMS offers Human Resources Management Software to streamline the tasks of HR, so on this International HR Day, appreciate the hardships of HR.  

How was International HR Day Established? 

International HR Day was set up in 2019 by the European Association for People Management as an organization. They initiated the establishment of International HR Day to acclaim the contributions that HRs provide to an organization, which keep the organization stuck together by maintaining harmony in the work environment. The role of HR professionals has changed from just being administrators to divulging into a strategic role; therefore, it is more important to cherish them and fulfill their working needs to maintain a smooth workflow.  

On May 20th, International Human Resource Day is celebrated every year, and to honor this day, many international HR communities organize workshops, seminars, and conferences to engage with HR professionals. 

Exploring The Past and Present Theme of International HRs day

Connecting people and organizations 
Building an identity for HR into something bigger than itself 
HR shaping the new future (New world, new jobs, and new leadership) 
HR shaping the new future (Sustainable work, wellbeing, and DEI) 
HR shaping the new future (Championing ethical and AI integrations) 

European Association for People Management decides the theme for International HRs Day and this year’s theme is ‘HR shaping the new future’ under the sub theme of championing ethical and AI integrations. This year's theme revolves around how HRs are molding the forthcoming work environment with dynamic challenges. 

Let us discuss the theme in brief: 

  • Championing Ethical and AI Integrations: In this dynamic environment, it is crucial for HRs to be familiar with and equipped with the advancement of technology, such as AI integrations, which can be especially useful tools for HRs to streamline their work. With a view to keeping in mind that ethical work practices are being done and having advocacy of these modern technologies so that HRs can be at the forefront and not behind due to a lack of knowledge of the latest trends, To know more about AI integrations, checkout: Unlimited Reports For HR Queries

  • Cultivating a better workplace environment: HRs are an integral part of an organization, and it is their leadership and nurturing qualities that make a team thrive and excel in their endeavors. This HR’s day is dedicated towards highlighting these aspects of HR professionals. 

The theme for International HR Day 2024, "HR Shaping the New Future," highlights the dynamic changes and challenges that are being hindered in the modern workplace, with technology advancement, evolving workplace, upskilling, and reskilling, and so on. By focusing on these sub-themes, International HR Day 2024 aims to display the critical role HR professionals play in shaping a successful and adaptable future for both organizations and their employees. 

Duties and responsibilities of HR professionals 

An organization has many commitments to fulfil in order to achieve its business goals, so keeping employees intact is a vital part of that goal. Therefore, HR professionals manage the administrative and strategic work, from talent management to strategic management, while keeping themselves updated with the dynamic environment to ensure smooth working conditions that work in employees’ favor and help the organization in the long run.  

Without HRs, the pillars of an organization are weak and tend to break easily, so be it a small or big organization, the significance of HR possession is equal. 

How to celebrate International HR’s Day 2024? 

The entire year, HRs work tooth and nail to make sure that the workplace is moving smoothly without any hindrance, ensuring the wellbeing of the employees. So, on this International HR’s Day, let us appreciate arduous work and cherish it in the following ways: 

  • Offering training and development opportunities 

Providing growth opportunities by investing in their learning endeavors to keep them up to date with current trends and helping with their development opportunities to foster their progress.  

  • Equipping HRs with modern technology 

These days, HRs are working more than they used to, and it can be overwhelming to work under so much pressure, but an organization can ease their workload by providing them automated HR solutions that can make their work effective and efficient. act of service is considered a good gesture and shows one’s consideration towards the other person.  

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  • Organize Seminars and conferences 

Organizing Seminars and conferences where issues that HR faces in their workplace and how to resolve them will make sure that their workflow goes through smooth process, which will enable them to enhance their work productivity and make them feel heard more than ever. 

  • Celebrating Milestones 

Being actively engaged in your HR’s work journey and milestones achieved along the path shows your gratitude towards their work, and your appreciation & encouragement will make them feel special, which will eventually nourish your organization and make HR a happier workplace. 

Final Thoughts 

Runtime HRMS wishes HR professionals around the globe an incredibly happy International HR’s Day and hopes for prosperity in their future endeavors. Their work is commendable and highly appreciated. It is our job to make HR work easier so that they can work effectively and efficiently. This year, make your HR team’s work easier by providing automated HR solutions. Visit HR Toolkit for more valuable resources. 


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