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Lease or Buy – The choice is simple now

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Published on: Aug 21, 2018

When it comes to optimizing business processes, computers and software are a paradigm shift.

Why you should switch to subscription based software

When it comes to optimizing business processes, computers and software are a paradigm shift.  They help automate mundane but important tasks in the business.

Another ancillary benefit that falls indirectly out of these is that a well made software has had an advantage of having inputs from multiple users and diverse industries, and you get a distilled form of their experiences as best practices for free. Business automation tools and business management tools are the tickets to entry on the efficiency highway. Small and medium businesses are moving en-masse to online CRM, accounting, payroll, and other business management software. Runtime Software provides you all the tools you need for taking your business to next level.

However, it is not all roses in this space. There are snake oil salesmen that can dupe you into making an investment into their sub optimal solutions and leech you via a vendor lock-in strategy into paying to fix deficiencies in their own products. As a business, an obvious risk aversion leads you into not trying new solutions. You end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and failing to separate wheat from chaff ( mixed metaphor, i know ;)). What you end up with is knowledge that productivity can be improved, and the realization that it is too risky to see how that can be improved.

Subscription Based Software

There have been, by and large, two paradigm shifts in this space. The first one is a move to a subscription model instead of a one-time ownership/licensing. Established software product category leaders, the names that you have surely heard of, have also moved in this direction. Microsoft’s Office 365, Adobe’s Photoshop, Outlook online or Gmail, Dropbox, etc. on and most large software products are now subscription based, pay as you use. This comes with many advantages.

  1. You can always be sure that you are using the latest and the greatest version, with all the improvements and fixes. Gone are the days when you bought a license for, say office 2007, and had two or 3 versions worth of great improvements fly by when you could afford to buy a license for the then current version; to be obsoleted soon enough.
  2. Your capital expenditure is reduced to a minimum, so there is very little upfront cost. Highly unlikely that the aforementioned snake-oil salesman will keep your business and lead to non-performing assets. You can cancel as soon as you are dissatisfied and try a different solution, with very little sunk cost.
  3. The other adjacencies such as support and billing are usually bundled with the subscription.
  4. Both the vendor and the user benefit from an agile and dynamic relationship addressing each other’s needs with high speed.

Rich Online Web-based Software

The second paradigm shift in this space; and in my opinion the biggest agent of this change; is the technology enabling rich online web based software. As an example, I am writing this in Google Docs currently, and I was spoilt for options in this space (Dropbox Paper, Microsoft Word Online, Google Docs, my own WordPress CMS instance, Medium…). One of the hurdles for on-premises software; besides the one time cost of software license, was the need for specialized computing equipment such as servers, PCs with specific configurations and software stacks and so on. With the advent of cloud service providers and powerful JavaScript engines in browsers, there has been a movement towards online services. They also enable seamless updates and maintenance, and amortize the cost of maintaining an instance over multiple clients.
Runtime Software  has embraced both of the paradigm shifts with open arms and has tuned the knobs to make it even more palatable for small businesses. We have a web based subscription software, with one click signup and deployment. Upgrades and updates keep rolling in for free, while you have an active subscription. You also have access to product support.
Runtime Software offers a generous trial with no strings attached, and no payment information expected. The trials can be a full scale time limited pilot deployment for your organization and can be extended on request. If you choose to become a paying customer, there are ZERO upfront costs and your trial subscription is seamlessly transitioned. You won’t miss a beat.
As an upfront and transparent software vendor, we have a “no questions asked” subscription cancellation policy. You can export all your data from the system and choose to use something else (not that you would want to, after using our user centric, feature rich and intuitive software design). While you are in with us, we take care of all backups, data security, and upgrades/updates to the software. As is said, the best security is one that is invisible till the point it is needed, and we strive for just that.
Runtime Software product subscriptions are priced in the ‘no-brainer’ price bracket and is highly affordable. Let’s just say, less than the cost of a cup of morning tea for you. We realize that our growth is intimately tied to your growth as our customer. As you expand your operations, you can add users and capabilities seamlessly and with no downtime. There is nothing to set, nothing to install, no hardware to buy or upgrade.
When you want a business process automation software solution, you can not go wrong with us! 

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