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Published on: Oct 27, 2022

While considering the right solution, you should invest in a Payroll & HR Software that manages the balance between employee-oriented and company-oriented goals, automates most of the manual tasks.

In this era of technological innovation, when we look around, we find surrounded by several examples of technological advancement. In every area, the use of technology has become significant whether it is education, medical, or business. Especially in the business world, technology has become the symbol of success. This is one of the reasons why tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung, HCL, etc. have become dominant giants of economic growth. Hence different countries across the world including India are heading more and more towards it.

Looking at India’s technology adoption, there appears a huge potential yet to be unlocked. New business enterprises, setup by young entrepreneurs, are adopting technology at every step of their growth journey. Older and small businesses are yet to embrace technology tools for their day-to-day operations like HRMS and Payroll, Accounting, Statutory Filings and more.

Talking specifically about hrms and payroll solutions in India, there are quite a few providers available today. While considering the right solution, businesses are likely to invest in a hrms payroll software that manages the balance between employee-oriented and company-oriented goals, automates most of the manual tasks, and is helpful in time management. The trend of this software-driven market has turned many organizations into cost-effective, innovative, and productive business firms. HR and Payroll Software is one of the best examples that how fast businesses in India are moving to embrace technology. In 2023, the HRMS market achieved a valuation of $344.45 million in India, with projections indicating a steady growth trajectory at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.16% until 2029.

Thus, HR and Payroll Software in India is evolving by helping businesses in their rapid growth. In this article we will talk about Runtime HRMS – our premier offering that automates everything starting from attendance management, payroll automation, statutory compliance and salary payouts.

What is Runtime HRMS?

Runtime HRMS is a cloud-based future-ready platform for the human experience that is dynamic and agile and offers intuitive HR & Payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes in India. Runtime HRMS has been chosen by a wide range of decision-makers and HR Professionals across various industry verticals. We have helped 200+ businesses to automate their HR tasks and payroll management. This clearly defines our goal of "creating happier workplaces."

Our HRMS solution is an ideal companion for Human Resource managers. Runtime HRMS takes care of all aspects of payroll so that the HR department can concentrate on more important duties. Online support is available to customers who need help configuring the software or resolving any problems with it. Our payroll software works well for large, small, and medium-sized businesses.

Fascinating features of Runtime payroll software

In 2016, we started with the goal of creating a world-class solution for managing human resources and payroll. Based on customer feedback, we have been continuously updating Runtime HRMS. We added new features and improved existing ones. Our goal is to create a product that customers love and use every day. Now as the result of our constant efforts Runtime HRMS has become one of the best payroll software in India.

Here is the list of excellent features which makes Runtime Best payroll software in India :

1. Core HRM

Runtime is an intelligent HCM suite that automates, optimizes and enhances HR processes. It boosts employee engagement through a connected workforce. It also allows for business growth by providing strategic insights and enabling business growth.

Runtime HRMS & Payroll software can be used to manage human resources, from hiring to separation, and everything in between. You can generate self-onboarding links and send them to new joiners using in-built e-mail and/or SMS alerts. This way you can save hours of work. It can track any dimension of employee data and make it viewable with a single click. Click here to learn more.

To avoid multiple data points being managed by different applications, the data from different HR functions, such as Payroll analytics, Travel and Training, Hiring, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Expense analytics and Timesheet, is well integrated. Many HR letters can be generated through Runtime HRMS. HR Admin can send notifications to selected or all employees in a single click.

2. Time & Attendance Management

This feature of Runtime HRMS provides an automated attendance management system that records user attendance and generates reports to assist with further actions. This software not only saves administrative costs but also allows HR to centrally manage attendance policies from multiple locations. Managers can work more efficiently with automatic overtime and leave balance calculation. Runtime HRMS and Payroll software can automatically sync attendance from mobile, web, bio-metric, and even import from excel. 

It can be used standalone or in a networked environment. This is an ideal software for banks, remote sites, hotels, small/large enterprises, schools, hospitals, government institutes and many other places. Click here to learn more.

3. Payroll Management

Runtime HRMS offers a comprehensive payroll solution in India that enables organizations to manage their workforce and payroll effectively. It simplifies the complex payroll calculations. Our payroll software is capable to support different types of salary components and deductions.

It eliminates errors because all operations are automated with high accuracy. Apart from payroll, compliance and employee benefits are also managed precisely by the Runtime HRMS. Our Payroll software enables employees to access leaves, attendance and payroll data on mobile and web.

With the help of Runtime Payroll and HRMS Software, you can distribute pay slips to selected or all employees using a single-click e-mail feature. The employee can easily download their pay slips on demand also. Runtime Payroll software is fully customizable as it allows you to create multiple deductions and salary components for fixed, variable, and time-based. HR managers can manage daily wages, overtime, late penalties and more from one place. Click here to learn more.

4. Employee Self-Service with Workman 

Runtime Workman is an Employee Self-service portal which allows employees to access and manage their attendance, leaves, payroll and other details on mobile and web. Every user has their personal log-in details using this portal, employees are able to view and download their pay slips for current and previous months, submit tax declarations, apply for and approve leaves etc. 

Employees can access the personnel data any time, at any place using the mobile apps and ESS portal. They can complete more HR-related tasks themselves. And your HR team can spend the time they need on their primary tasks and not worry about the problems with processing payroll. Click here to learn more.

5. Projects & Timesheet Management

Project Management can be used to record the time that is spent on different projects that are running within the company. Projects could be internal and external (client-based). Most often, each project will have numerous tasks to complete with specific start and finish dates. Each task is given either to one, or several individuals within the group.

Following the creation of a task and project assigning, the team are able to track the amount of time they spend on each job. This is known as timesheet capture. Timesheets can be gathered by team members via the mobile application (Workman) or the employee self-service portal on the web. Click here to learn more about Project Management within Runtime HRMS.

What makes Runtime HRMS the best payroll software in India?

  1. Payroll system errors could be a nightmare. One benefit of using Runtime payroll software is it lowers the likelihood of these costly mistakes occurring.
  2. The advantage of employing Runtime HRMS and Payroll software is that it can assist them in their work and help them save a significant amount of time that could be better utilized in other aspects of your business.
  3. The feedback we get often from our clients is – “Its very easy to use”
  4. Runtime payroll software is available at a budget-friendly price.
  5. Sometimes, it’s difficult keeping track of everything, particularly when tax changes aren’t noticed until you’ve received a notification from tax authorities. If you’re using Runtime HRMS software, you can avoid this. This is because the software will notify you of tax updates immediately.
  6. Everything involved with making payroll is much quicker with the help of Runtime HRMS. 
  7. Another great benefit of employing Runtime HRMS software is the accessibility to the support staff. Support from our customer service team can assist in resolving any problems or issues experienced by the user.
  8. If you are a small business owner, your primary goal is to keep your profits up and costs down. Making the change from a paper-based processing system to the best payroll software in India will save you a lot of money.
  9. When it comes to using Runtime HRMS & Payroll Software, there’s no requirement to have an experience in payroll. This means you can assign the payroll tasks to employees with no payroll background.
  10. You can quickly make statements and reports in a single click with this payroll software. It is not necessary to be waiting for hours or even days to access crucial reports.

It’s easy to see that the advantages of Runtime HRMS are many which makes it one of the best and India's fastest growing hrms and payroll software. Simply put, it will help nearly every company to streamline their payroll procedures and cut expenses. It also can help greatly reduce stress by removing the necessity of performing endlessly complicated calculations all by yourself.

In the end, it saves your time to concentrate on what’s crucial, which is expanding your business. If you’re behind on the curve, get in touch with us at [email protected] or simply give a call on +91 97724 00699 let's simplify your hr management with Runtime hrms and payroll. 

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