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Runtime HRMS Joins hands with 9Heaven HR Connect

HR Technology
Published on: May 13, 2024

Runtime HRMS, in association with 9HEAVEN, introduces HR Connect an exclusive online community.

The world of HR is constantly evolving. New challenges emerge alongside advancements in technology and shifting employee expectations. Effective HR professionals and enthusiasts require not only a strong skill set but also a supportive network to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Runtime HRMS, in association with 9HEAVEN, introduces HR Connect, an exclusive online community. This platform transcends the limitations of traditional resources, offering a dynamic space for connection, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.

HR connect dashboard featuring HR community

Role of the HR Community: 

Building strong connections within the HR community is crucial for professional growth. HR Connect empowers you to:

  1. Find Mentors: Connect with experienced HR professionals who can offer guidance, support, and career advice.
  2. Collaborate on Projects: Partner with other HR professionals on collaborative projects, fostering a spirit of innovation and knowledge exchange. 
  3. Career Growth: Share your expertise and insights in the community, and set yourself on the path of continuous growth in the HR world. 

Community for Growth: 

HR Connect fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional development. Here are a few ways the platform promotes growth:

  1. Connect with like-minded individuals: Expand your network, build valuable professional relationships, and connect with HR professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds.
  2. Engage in insightful discussions: Participate in forum discussions on a wide range of HR topics, from recruitment strategies and performance management to employee engagement and talent development. Learn from the experiences of your peers and share your own expertise.
  3. Stay updated on industry trends: Access valuable resources, articles, and expert insights on the latest trends and best practices in HR. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your practices remain current and effective.
  4. Seek and offer support: No matter what stage you're at in your HR career, HR Connect provides a supportive environment. Get valuable advice from experienced professionals, and offer your own insights to help others.

HR Connect provides a platform where HR professionals can learn from each other, share knowledge, and contribute to the broader HR community.

HR Connect for Students and Enthusiasts: 

HR Connect isn't just for seasoned professionals. HR students and students with an interest in HR can leverage this platform to gain a significant advantage as they embark on their careers. Here's how:

  1. Network with Professionals: Connect with HR professionals from various industries and learn about their experiences and career paths. This is invaluable for gaining insights into the field and identifying potential career opportunities.
  2. Learn from Real-World Scenarios: Engage in forum discussions on current HR challenges and best practices. This exposure to practical scenarios can enhance your understanding of the field and prepare you for the realities of the workplace.
  3. Develop Your Skills: Access free resources and blogs on various HR topics to build your skillset and make yourself a more competitive candidate for internships and jobs.
  4. Stay Informed: HR Connect keeps you updated on the latest HR trends and industry news. This knowledge can be instrumental in making a strong impression during interviews.

HR Connect dashboard featuring student community

By joining HR Connect, you can take a proactive approach to your HR career journey. Network with professionals, gain valuable insights, and position yourself for success. 

So, ready to connect, learn, and grow alongside a supportive network of HR professionals? Join HR Connect by 9HEAVEN and unlock the full potential of your HR practice.


HR Connect by 9HEAVEN is a service developed and maintained by 9HEAVEN ( Runtime HRMS (Runtime Software Private Limited) and 9HEAVEN have partnered together to offer valuable tools and services to people in the HR domain, like HR managers, HR students, and HR enthusiasts. Runtime HRMS has no direct or indirect control over the content generated and shared on this platform and cannot guarantee the correctness of the information available on the aforesaid platform. 

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