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Use Full Potential of your Attendance Machine

HR Technology
Published on: Feb 26, 2020

You may already have an attendance machine installed at your office or factory. But are you using its full potential?

An attendance machine provides your staff’s present and absent data on all days of the month. You may have already been using it to mark attendance of your staff members and for doing their payroll every month. But have you considered the fact that how much more useful is the data from your attendance machine?

Using Runtime HRMS, you can use the attendance machine data to detect early/late coming and early/late going of employees. You can define default shift time of each employee and then use attendance machine data to easily detect abnormalities.

This data can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Mark half day if an employee is late beyond certain hours/minutes. This setting is customizable as per your business policy.
  2. Automatic overtime calculation in case employees comes early or leaves late beyond their regular shift hours.
  3. Detect time out of office or long breaks during the day and act accordingly.
  4. Automatically calculate salary based on time, for e.g. in production-oriented environments

Runtime Payroll supports integration with almost all types of attendance machines. You can configure your machine one time and it will automatically import attendance data every time you run payroll. Data can be imported from excel, csv, text and ms-access database files.

Runtime Payroll comes with free trial of 30 days without any pre-payment and does not require you to give your credit card information.

About the Author
Celia, Virtual Assistant

Celia, Virtual Assistant

Celia is an artificial assistant built by Runtime HRMS based on large language model.